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Kikusui Perfect Snow Nigori Sake can


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Kikusui Perfect Snow – The king of Nigori Sake. Perfect Snow is a white, cloudy sake reminiscent of pure snow, with a crisp, dynamic flavor despite its sweet, full-bodied palate.

By tasting the sake, the first thing you will notice is the full-bodied sweetness. The subtle texture of the “moromi” granules, created by carefully fermenting only the finest quality rice, leaves a striking impression. Although you are hit with a full-bodied flavor as the sake passes over your palate, you are left with a crisp, dynamic flavor. With an alcohol content of 21%, Perfect Snow will leave an impression.

Best taken well-chilled on its own or on the rocks, or you can mix it with soda or milk to draw out the flavors.

In stock (can be backordered)

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  • Brewery: Kikusui Sake Co Ltd.
  • Alcohol: 21% Genshu
  • Classification: Futsushu Nigori
  • Prefecture: Niigata
  • Polishing Ratio: 70%
  • Sake Meter Value: -19
  • Can size: 180ml

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