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Hakuryu White Dragon Daiginjo Sake


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Hakuryu “White Dragon” is made by Hakuryu Shuzo. Founded in 1839.

Made of Yamada Nishiki & Takanenishiki rice polished to Daiginjo quality level of 40%, and underground water from agano- fukuryuusui. This sake has won Gold Medals for the last 14 consecutive years at the Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium. Alcohol: 16- 17%, SMV: +5. Serve chilled 41~50°F.

“Fruity, soft, round and smooth.”

In stock (can be backordered)

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Hakuryu White Dragon Daiginjo Sake

  • Brewery: Hakuryu Shuzo
  • Alcohol: 16.5%
  • Classification: Daiginjo
  • Prefecture: Niigata
  • Rice Type: Yamadanishiki and Takanenishiki
  • Polishing Ratio: 40%
  • Acidity: 1.0
  • SMV: +5
  • Bottle Size: 300ml

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