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Appassionata Allegro Pinot Noir 2019


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The opening tier of Appassionata Pinot Noir bears the name of the Piano Sonata’s first movement, Allegro, which is the musical pace of a brisk walk. This cuvée is a selection of barrels that show a precocious liveliness and expressivity that will drink well as a youthful wine, but is built for aging. It is bottled after 18 to 20 months in barrel, and released three years after the vintage. The Allegro Pinot Noir beautifully displays the beginnings of bottle maturation, and will age gracefully for many years.

In stock


Appassionata Allegro Pinot Noir 2019

United States, Oregon

Alc 13.5% by vol

Bottle Size: 750ml

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