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Le Trianon de Filhot Sauternes 2016 half bottle


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Le Trianon de Filhot Sauternes 2016 is a dessert wine produced in the Sauternes appellation of Bordeaux, France. Sauternes wines are famous for their unique production process, where the grapes are affected by noble rot, a beneficial fungus that concentrates the sugars and flavors in the berries. This results in a lusciously sweet and complex wine with a rich golden hue. Le Trianon de Filhot Sauternes 2016 showcases the traditional characteristics of Sauternes wines. It is made predominantly from Sémillon grapes, with smaller amounts of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. These grape varieties contribute to the wine’s aromatic complexity and balanced acidity. The wine offers a bouquet of ripe tropical fruits, such as apricot, pineapple, and mango, accompanied by honeyed notes, orange blossom, and hints of vanilla. On the palate, it is opulent and velvety, with a luxurious sweetness that is balanced by a vibrant acidity. It’s flavors evolve beautifully, displaying layers of dried fruits, marmalade, caramel, and a touch of spice. As a dessert wine, Le Trianon de Filhot Sauternes 2016 pairs exceptionally well with a variety of sweet treats. It is a classic match for foie gras, blue cheese, and fruit-based desserts like crème brûlée, tarts, or poached pears. The wine’s sweetness and acidity provide a delightful contrast and enhance the flavors of the accompanying dishes.

Overall, Le Trianon de Filhot Sauternes 2016 is a superb example of a Sauternes dessert wine. Its exceptional quality, delightful flavors, and ability to age well make it a sought-after choice for wine enthusiasts and those looking for a luxurious and memorable tasting experience.

In stock


Le Trianon de Filhot Sauternes 2016

France, Bordeaux, Sauternes

Alc: 13% by vol

Bottle Size: 375 ml

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