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Appassionata Riesling GG 2017


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Inspired by the historical winemaking techniques of Erni Loosen’s great-grandfather, the Appassionata Riesling GG is made in the same way as the Dr. Loosen Grosses Gewächs (“Great Growth”) Rieslings he produces in Germany. The GG designation indicates a dry-style wine from a vineyard of special distinction — in this case, the old-vine Medici vineyard, planted in 1976. We farm this exceptional site, which is just a few miles east on the Chehalem Mountain ridge. The wine is fermented in a 3,000-liter, neutral oak German Fuder cask. It rests on the full lees for two years, and is then held in bottle for three to five years before release.

In stock


Appassionata Riesling GG 2017

United States, Oregon

Alc 13.5% by vol

Bottle Size: 750ml

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