If you’re looking to delve into the fascinating world of sake, our sake packs are an excellent place to start. Each carefully curated pack provides a unique opportunity to discover, explore, and taste the diverse range of sake styles and flavor profiles.

One of our highly recommended packs is the Niigata Sake Pack. Niigata GI is one of the 11 different Geographical Indications for sake in Japan, renowned for its rice, sake, and snow. This prefecture boasts clean and plentiful water sources, a crucial factor contributing to the purity and flavor of its sake.

For $199.99, the Niigata Sake Pack offers a selection of 6 handpicked sakes. Each bottle showcases a different sake classification, offering you an immersive journey into Niigata Sake’s distinct style.

But why are our sake packs the best way to discover the world of sake?


Each sake pack is designed to offer a diverse range of sakes. Whether you’re exploring sakes from a specific region like Niigata or delving into different sake classifications, our packs provide a broad spectrum of flavors and styles.


Our sake packs are an economical way to try multiple premium sakes. Rather than buying individual bottles, you can sample a variety of top-quality sakes at a discounted bundle price.


Each pack is a learning experience. You’ll discover the distinctive characteristics of different sake types, learn about various sake-producing regions, and develop your palate as you discern the unique flavor notes of each bottle.


Our sake packs are delivered straight to your door, making it convenient for you to explore the world of sake from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re a seasoned sake aficionado or new to this intriguing beverage, our sake packs provide a comprehensive, enjoyable, and convenient way to expand your sake knowledge and appreciation.

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Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll delve deeper into the world of wine and sake. Until then, happy tasting!