How to Choose Wine for Your Wedding

You are preparing for your big day and suddenly remember that you need to order wine for the wedding reception. Your family recommends sparkling, but a friend recommends a red wine. What do you do? Well, people have different tastes in food, and especially in wine. You have the final word, but we at 305 Wines can help you choose the best wine that will appeal to every one at the wedding. It is important that you take into account the venue, type of food, season, climate of the place you are having the wedding, as well as size of the event, theme and your personal preference.

Choosing Wine for Your Wedding Receptions

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

These celebrations call for fun wines, such as sparkling roses served with fruits, mini bottles of sparkling wine that your guests can sip with a straw, or large 3-liter bottles of white, rose or sparkling wines. You do not need to have a huge budget, just select fun wines which taste good and look good. We can easily suggest a few options, and offer free and fast delivery.

Rehearsal Dinner

This intimate dinner with family and friends calls for more special wines. A Brut Champagne is always a good way to start, followed by a refreshing white wine (Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Italian white wines) that can pair with salads and appetizers. Pour a red wine with the main course (Cabernet Sauvignon, Spanish Rioja, Argentinian Malbec) to show that you thought about all guests and the food pairing, and finish with a special dessert wine such as Sauternes.

How much wine to buy for a wedding

Calculating quantities, depends on how long is the wedding, the number of adults, and if you have other drinks such as cocktails or beer. The general rule is to take the number of guests and divide it by 2 for how many bottles you need to buy. So for 100 guests, you will need 50 bottles of wine. Most wines can cost between $15-100, so the wine budget will be much smaller than budget for decoration, venue, flowers.

If your crowd really enjoys wine and if the wedding reception will be long, we recommend that you buy more, up to one bottle per person. If there’s any leftover, you can always keep them in your new home.

Other factors such as climate, location and food also matter when choosing a wine for wedding.


People tend to drink more or less, depending on the climate/season. Fall, Winter, and Spring weddings suggest red wine will be the most consumed wine. The cooler the climate, the bolder the wine. You can choose more full-bodied styles, with higher alcohol levels, such as a California Merlot, red Bordeaux or an Australian Shiraz. For Summer months, consider having more sparkling wines and crisp white wines such as an Albarino or a Sancerre, and dry rose wines such as a Provence.

If you live in Miami or plan a wedding in Florida, sparkling wines such as Prosecco, Cava and Champagne will be the most indicated, but if you are planning an indoor wedding, and the venue has air conditioning, you don’t need to solely consider the weather and can pour rich red wines as well. Again, it is your choice!

Food Menu

It is a good option to make your wine selections at the same time you are deciding on the wedding food menu. The wines you choose should bring out the best in the food. Call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Seafood, chicken, salads go best with white wines and sparkling wines, while rich and hearty dishes pair best with bolder red wines during cooler seasons. Keep the pairings at the same level – rich food with rich wine and light food with light wine.

Another great option is to pair regional dishes with regional wines, or as we like to say, “what grows together, goes together”. That is especially true, if your wedding has a theme. So Italian food will pair well with Italian wines, and a paradise beach wedding with seafood should have crisp and refreshing styles of wine, such as a Chablis or Muscadet Sevre et Maine.

Our favorite Wedding Wines

Our team of certified professionals can help you choose the perfect wine for your wedding, and here are some of our recommendations:

Sparkling Wines


Champagne only comes from Champagne in France. The most popular style if Brut, which has a dry palate with a crisp mouthfeel. Champagne has great complexity with brioche and toasty notes, and vintage Champagne can age really well. You can also pour a demi-sec champagne for the dessert course during the wedding and a rose Brut champagne to pair with main courses.


Prosecco is a crowd-pleaser and fits every budget. You can have Prosecco for the Bachelorette party (now Prosecco DOC comes in rose too).


Cava the Spanish sparkling wine, made with the same method as champagne. It is another excellent option, as it is widely available and comes in the dry (Brut) category too. Use it for the wedding toast, to mix with cocktails or serve during the wedding.

White Wines


Sauvignon Blanc




Red Wine

Pinot Noir

Cabernet Sauvignon

Merlot, Malbec, Syrah/Shiraz