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Zulal Vayots Dzor Areni Classico 2018


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Zulal is the Armenian word for pure, and this sense of authenticity permeates the winery. Zulal was founded in 2017 by Aimee Keushguerian, who learned enology while working for her father at Keush. Fascinated with the viticultural diversity in Armenia, Aimee created Zulal with the goal of showcasing her country’s indigenous varieties through monovarietal bottlings unadorned by excessive winemaking.

When Armenia was absorbed into the Soviet Union in 1921, the identity of many Armenian varieties was obscured and eventually forgotten. Due to the Soviet demand for brandy, fermented fruit juice gained anonymity, and many vineyards were replanted to
maximize yields. For Zulal’s flagship red, Aimee sources hand-harvested Areni fruit from two villages in Vayots Dzor – Aghavnadzor and Khachik. Long-term contracts with villagers ensures the survival of these pre-phylloxera (and in some cases, pre-Soviet) plantings. Aimee and her father are now working to genetically identify the myriad

of varieties indigenous to Armenia.

Likely due to the mountainous climate and exposure to UV light, Areni is a thick-skinned variety that grows in tight bunches. Aimee and winemaker Arman Manoukian ferment in stainless steel to accentuate Areni’s bright red fruit character and floral aromas. Moderate tannins, elevated acidity, and flavors

of pomegranate and ground sumac make this versatile red a perfect pairing for charcuterie, tomato-based sauces, roasted lamb, or grilled eggplant.

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Zulal Vayots Dzor Areni Classico 2018

Armenia, Vayots Dzor

100% Areni

Abv: 13%

Bottle Size: 750ml

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