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Oremus Tokaji Dry Furmint Mandolas 2018


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The Tokaj legend has grown and grown in its four-hundred years of history; but it was not until 1630 that the greatness of the Oremus vineyard was first spoken of. Today it is the one which receives greatest universal acclaim.

Mandolás wine, made from the grape variety Furmint, has evolved since its first vintage in 2001 .

In the vineyard we have conducted specific plot selection at less than 200 meters above sea level, protected by the northern winds and an adequate planting density, deeply caring for grape maturity level, in order to obtain an optimal healthy golden ripe cluster selection.

At winery level, changes in new oak barrel toasting used in our fermentation process along with frequent and controlled batonages, restores the minerality of the volcanic soil, characteristic of the region.

Fermentation is in new wood barrels, which are carefully prepared, and takes between 8 and 12 days. The wine is aged in 136-litre small barrels, which are typical of the region.

Mandolás  presents us with perfect richness and fine aromas, combined with a fresh natural acidity. It is the result of a unique climate and soil in a world, that demands a laborious and careful production.

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Oremus Tokaji Dry Furmint Mandolas 2018

Hungary, Tokaji Furmint

Tempos Vega Sicilia

abc 13.5%

Bottle Size: 750 ml

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