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Niigata Sake Pack


Discover the sakes from Niigata GI, one of the 11 different geographical indication for Sake in Japan.

When the Japanese think of Niigata, they think of rice, sake, and snow. The clean plentiful water is one key to the purity and flavor of its sake.

We handpicked this 6 sakes for you to enjoy the different sake classification and explore the Niigata Sake style.

In memory of Ataru Kobayashi, founder and president of Niigata Sake Selection.



Niigata Sake Pack

Japan, Niigata Prefecture

  • Kirin-Zan Junmai Daiginjo, 720ml
  • Hakuryu White Dragon Daiginjo, 300ml
  • Kakurei Junmai Ginjo Sake, 300ml
  • Midorikawa Junmai, 720ml
  • Yuki Otoko Yeti Junmai Sake cup, 180ml
  • Kirin-Zan Classic Futsu-shu cup, 180ml

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