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Manzairaku Yamahai Junmai Sake


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Located in Ishikawa Prefecture, Manzairaku was founded in 1716 during the Edo period. Manzairaku is surrounded by nature in Hakusan City, approved by the Japanese Govnernment as the first Geographical Indication* for sake production.  It is known for having high quality water and clean air.  Ishikawa Prefecture is also famous for one of the best areas for sake production. *A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.  For example, France’s Bordeaux for wine and Italy’s Gorgonzola for cheese. Manzairaku cultivates their own rice for some of their sake as they are very local-production orientated.  They have exported their products to other Asian countries, and now finally landing on the U.S.

Manzairaku means, “be happy always” (Manzai – always, and Raku – happy). Their craftsmanship is to produce sake that brings brightness to your life.

Out of stock

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  • —Alcohol: 16
  • —Classification: Yamahai Junmai
  • —Prefecture: Ishikawa
  • —Rice Type: Goyakumangoku
  • SMV: +8
  • Bottle Size: 720ml

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