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Krasno Ribolla 2016


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Over the centuries, heroic winegrowers have tenaciously terraced the steep marl slopes below the little village of Krasno to plant their vines. This unique land produces distinctly mineral authentic wines, with a character only found in Slovenia’s Goriška Brda region.

Grapes: 100% Ribolla Gialla

Aroma: reminiscent of Mediterranean citruses and cedar – rounded with a delicate note of vanilla and fresh bread crust

Taste: elegant, fresh and harmonious; a slight touch of sweet tannins in a long conclusion

Food pairing: refreshing salads, white fish and shellfish, vegetable risottos and pasta with vegetable sauces

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Krasno Rebula 2016

Slovenia, Goriška Brda

Ribolla Gialla, dry, Estate bottle

Abv 13.5%, 750ml

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