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Kirin-Zan Junmai Ginjo Sake


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Kirin-Zan Junmai Ginjo Sake, 720ml

  • Kirinzan Shuzo is located near Mt. Kirin (= Kirin-zan) in Tsugawa where beautiful rivers run through. Kirin, a mythical creature much like a flying unicorn, is believed to bring about happiness.  The producer won gold medals at Japan National Sake Competition in 2016, 2014, 2012, 2009, etc.
  • Serving temp. : Serve chilled, at room temp. or luke-warm.

  • Tasting Notes:  The forward floral nose, creamy and nutty with mushroom, lemon, herbal notes, this Sake has multiple layers of flavor, buttery, lemony, rich on palace, smooth and pleasant umami.

  • Food pairing: Braised pork belly (Buta no kakuni), Stuffed clams, Stuffed mushrooms, Sole meuniere, Buttery Salisbury steak, Pasta Bolognese Champignons Sauvages au Madere – Umami-rich dish of wild mushrooms, sweet shallots and Madeira needs an equal umami-rich Sake with rich layered flavors.

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  • Brewery: Kirinzan Shuzo
  • —Alcohol: 15-16%
  • —Classification: Junmai Ginjo
  • —Prefecture: Niigata
  • —Rice Type: Gohyakumangoku
  • —Seimaibuai: 55%
  • SMV: +4.0
  • Bottle Size: 720ml

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