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Kirin-Zan Classic 300ml


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Dry, clean, light-bodied and well-refined. This is a representative of the TanreiKarakuchi sake made in Niigata, the heartland of Japanese premium sake production. Kirinzan Shuzo is located near Mt. Kirin (= Kirin-zan) in Tsugawa, Niigata. Kirin is a mythical creature much like a flying unicorn, is believed to bring about happiness and luck. 

Food pairing:

  • Matches well with most of Japanese dishes, especially when served room temp or lukewarm, including raw/lightly grilled fish and shrimps, tofu, simmered vegetable, and sunomono.
  • Bacon-wrapped Scallops – “The Classic” is paired with the soft, rich, nuttiness of the seared Sea Scallop because of the ricey, nutty aromas of the sake. The crispy, salty outer rim of seared bacon needs the strong more intensely forward flavors that the sake provides.
  • Other recommendations: Trout Amandine, Roasted chestnuts, Terrine of foie-gras, Sea urchin carbonara, Pear and frangipane tart.

In stock (can be backordered)

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  • Brewery: Kirinzan Shuzo, founded in 1843
  • Alcohol: 15.4%
  • Classification: Futsu-shu
  • Prefecture: Niigata
  • Rice Type: Gohyakumangoku and Koshi-ibuki
  • Seimaibuai: 65%
  • SMV: +6 (dry)
  • Acidity: 1.3
  • Bottle Size: 300ml


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