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Kanbara Bride of Fox Junmai Ginjo Sake


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“Our Sake is a wonderful gift from nature”. Aga-machi is located where the Agano River and the Tokonami River join and is surrounded by many mountains. Then fogs often gather along those rivers. Such a climate condition gives birth to highest class Sakamai (Sake rice). Moreover water quality is also important in Sake brewing. Our brewery has been blessed with an excellent natural spring which water is pure and soft.

“Kanbara” is named after the ancient of our family name “Kanbara-ya”. ”Kanbara” is a little sweeter, more fragrant and full-bodied Sake

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  • Brewery: Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.
  • Alcohol: 16.5%
  • —Classification:Junmai Ginjo
  • —Prefecture: Niigata
  • —Rice Type: Gohyakumangoku
  • Seimaibuai: 50%
  • Bottle Size: 720ml

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