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Hakkaisan Clear Sparkling “AWA”


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Hakkaisan Clear Sparkling “AWA” is made using the foremost in brewing technology while honoring the traditions of Japan’s sake history and is carbonated naturally with a secondary in-bottle fermentation to create a clear and elegant sake. It has a lovely fruity aroma and refreshing taste that is rounded out a gentle sweetness and crisp finish. Hakkaisan Clear Sparkling “AWA” is the perfect sake to toast any occasion.

Certified by Japan Awasake Association. Awasake is a special sparkling sake, produced under strict standards. It is distinguished by its fine bubbles rising in a straight line becoming an alternative toast beverage.



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  • Brewery: —Hakkaisan Brewing Co., Ltd.
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • —Classification: Sparkling Sake
  • —Prefecture: Niigata
  • —Rice Type: Gohyakumangoku, Miyamanishiki, Yamadanishiki
  • Semaibuai: 50%
  • —SMV: -5
  • Bottle Size: 360ml

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