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Bouchard Pere & Fils Pommard 2014


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In the 13th century, Pommard belonged to Alix de Vergy, wife of the Duke of Burgundy, Eudes II. In 1224 and 1240, she donated it to the archbishops of Lyon. Pommard then became the property of the Ducal estate, landed gentry and religious orders. During the Revolution, the property was split up as was the case for the rest of the vineyards on the Côte-d’Or. The soil and sub-soil give Pommard its exemplary colour, solidity and fine aromas. As Victor Hugo wrote, the wines of Pommard have “gust, inspiration and occasionally genius”.

Fruity and musky aromas with just the right touch of oak. Structured and firm, this wine has a pronounced personality. Full-bodied in its youth, it softens with age. Good ageing potential.

In stock


Bouchard Pere & Fils Pommard 2014

France, Burgundy

750 ml

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