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Akashi-Tai Tokubetsu Honjozo Genshu Sake


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Akashi-Tai Tokubetsu Honjozo Genshu Sake

  • Akahi Sake Brewery is a small artisanal sake producer based in Akashi city, a fishing town in Hyogo prefecture. Hyogo is the traditional sake brewing capital of Japan, known for the best sake rice and pure water.
  • Serving temp.: 50-105F
  • Tasting note / Nose: waxy, woody and white flowers with a pink grapefruit finish / Palate: creamy on the palate with intense umami. Very rich and long finish.
  • Food pairing: Cheese plates, mushroom or meat pie. Vegetable and seafood tempura. Grilled meat. Can be served as a digestive.

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  • Brewery: Akashi Shuzo
  • Alcohol: 19%
  • —Classification: Tokubetsu Honjozo, Genshu
  • —Prefecture: Hyogo
  • Rice Type: Gohyakumangoku
  • Polishing Ratio, Seimaibuai: 60%
  • Bottle Size: 720ml


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